Diners Tutorial

Add Food Orders, View Table Seat, Book Date & Time

The User Mobile App Is Set Up To Better Satisfy Of Their Needs Of Food Ordering From Restaurants More Efficiently.

Search nearby Restaurants in News Feed. User able to view the restaurant details. (Restaurant Name, Images, Opening Hours, Address and Food Menu). Most importantly can let user to make reservation and booking for the table of that restaurant. We can let user to choose Dine In, Delivery and Self Pickup. Our App got Review and Rating features for User to give feedbacks to the Restaurants.


Scan QR Features

User can send QR Code for table, food and add followers.

Order food and beverage

Make an order for their food and bevarage.

View Order

View User's Order to track what they had total order in cart.

Food Voucher

Restaurant can provide voucher to their customers

Review & Rate your meal

Customer can rate and give reviews on the restaurant. They can give feedbacks to the shop.

Make Reservation

Customer can make reservation of the restaurant. Book table in advance.

1    Download and enable the application 

After the download is complete, tap the Dingg Dingg icon on the mian screen to open the application.


2    Register

Click the Login button and click Register button, enter your name, email and password (limited to 8-12 characters). Drag the toggle switch to indicate “I confirmed that I accept the privacy policy”, and then click the Register button to complete the registration.

3    Login

Enter your email and password, and click the Login button to log in to your account. Another way to log in to your account via Facebook. A verification code will appear after you click “Login with Facebook”. Long press to copy the verification code. Then click the login link to select Facebook, paste the verification code in the blank, and click the Approve.

4    Set personal information

Click the Profile Settings option to edit personal information. You can change your account name and password here. You can also add profile picture, description, phone number and address to your account. All changes and edits must enter the original correct password. Finally click Save to complete the setting. 

5    Start ordering food

First you need to turn on the location service mode of your phone. Click Restaurant at the bottom of the app and search for the restaurant you want to reserve. Click the MENU button of the restaurant to enter the menu. Then choose to add the desired food or drink. Here will remind you that if you leave this page, the items that have been added to the list will be cleared. After successful addition, the quantity and total amount of the items will be displayed below. 

6    Place an order

Click the Checkout button to confirm the order. Then click the Confirm button below. Here you can choose the way of Dine In, “Scan QR Code” or “Select Table” number; you can also choose the way of “Delivery/Pick up”.

  • If you choose to Scan QR Code, you can scan the QR code provided by the restaurant to complete the order.
  • The table number of the restaurant will be displayed in the option of Select Table. Here, different colors will be used to distinguish whether the table is vacant, which can help you make a choice. Next, click the Confirm button to complete the order.
  • If you choose the Delivery/Pick Up method, you need to fill in the form. In the form, you need to choose “Delivery” or “Self Pick up”, and add your name, email, phone number and payment method for self-collection. If you choose the delivery method, you need to fill in the address and area, which will charge some delivery fees, unless the order amount exceeds the amount set by the merchant, it is free. Finally, click the Submit button to complete the order.

7   Book a restaurant

Click the BOOKING button to enter the form. The required information here includes the booking date, time, number of person, contact person’s name, contact number and email. You can also fill in remarks. After filling in, click the Book Now button to complete the reservation.

8   View

You can select “My Order” and “New Order” in the Profile to view all orders, and “History” to view past orders. In addition, you can also select Booking List to view all reservations.

More features

Retrieve password:
Click on the “Forget password”, enter your email and press Send button, the original password will be sent to your email address.

Add favorite restaurants:
You can click the icon in the restaurant options to add as a favorite restaurant. You can view the added restaurant at the icon on the upper right.

Can view the information of the restaurant:
Click the INFO button of the Restaurant, where you can select Information, Review or Location to view the information of the restaurant, such as business hours, full address, reviews and map location.

Allow following other users:
Click the   icon at the top right of the Profile to scan the QR code of other users and follow the other user. You also allow access to the avatar, personal information and post of the followed user.

Available vouchers:
Select “My Voucher” in the Profile to view pending vouchers and used vouchers.

Can view the wish list: 
Select “My Wishlist” in the Profile to view the items added to the wish list.

Click the Logout option in Profile to logout.


Introduction of DINGG DINGG Mobile Application